Lot Radio – April 25, 2020

Moev – Clerk Charade
Manufacture – New Decision
Italo Brutalo – Paradiso Analogico (Franz Scala Remix)
Federal State – Shakedown
Ross Conti – Get Ready (Jexy’s Retug)
Baby I was Thinking – Jexy’s Retug
Jex Opolis – Don’t Fret (Unreleased)
Donald’s House – 3 A.M.
Art De Rosa – Bel Air (Jexy’s Retug)
Darryl Buchanan – Night Dreams (Jexy’s Chicago 3 a.m. Remix)
Heroica ‎– Vivir Por Vivir
Raimanda Navarro – Te Amo
Senor Chugger – Head In The Clouds Of Smoke
Jex Opolis – Jan’s Hammer (Unreleased)
Supereal – Blue Beyond Belief
Shi-Take – Perfect Virtue
Otaku – Percussion Obsession / Nippon Express
Caunos – Rave Dream
One In A Billon – Thanks A Lot
Donald’s House – 4PermVac

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