About Jex Opolis


Jex Opolis is a Canadian musician & DJ with a long and painful musical history.

Over the past five years, his Good Timin’ label has gained a devoted global following among in-the-know listeners and record heads, thanks to a series of acclaimed 12-inch vinyl EPs.

And with the release of his debut LP “Ravines” and DJ appearances across America, Australia, Brazil and Europe, the past few years have been busy for the NYC-based producer.

As a DJ, Jexy regards himself as a servant to the party—with disco, techno, house, electro and tropical influences all thrown in the mix. You’ll also be likely to hear plenty of exclusive edits and originals.

For a better idea, check out recent sets from Beats in Space or Sanpo Disco.


A life-long musician and electronic music producer since the late 90s, Jex hatched Good Timin’ in 2010 as a solo, monthly club night in Toronto. Inspired by bad experiences with other labels, he morphed Good Timin’ into a record label in 2013 as a vehicle for his own music.

Since then, his melody-focused releases and remixes have been regularly played out by top jocks (Ben UFO, Andrew Weatherall, Jeremy Underground, DJ Harvey) while his 2015 EP on Gerd Janson’s Running Back spawned the banger “Studio E” and showed that Jex could play in the big rooms, too.

Meanwhile, his house-focused duo Conga Radio (with collaborator Roberto) has released a clutch of tracks over the past three years, including 2016’s “Right Beside You,” an underground hit which featured Jex on vocals.

A NYC resident since 2014, Jex’s busy touring schedule as a DJ and his label’s continuing success with listeners also point to his ability to straddle both the club and the home-listening worlds.

As Jexy says: “We’re in the bath, we’re in the bar, we’re in the club, we’re in the car!”