Jex Opolis @ The Lot Radio Jan. 21, 2022

Seal – Crazy (Do You Know the Way to L.A. Mix)

Phill Edwards – If I Say Stop, Then Stop

Kenny Larkin – Colonize

Cabaret Voltaire – Hypnotized

Radondo – Dante (Jex Opolis Remix)

The Hood – Salvation! (Nitromix)

Sonia Papp – The Mexican (Urban Rap Mix)

Sa’bata – Just a Little Time

Deepak & Khan – Holle, Holle

David Harrow – Yassassin

Amina – Belly Dancer

Capella – Helyom Halib (Remix)

MC Magic Max – You Make it Funky

Eighth Wonder – Cross My Heart (House Mix)

Company B – Signed In Your Book Of Love

Thompson Twins – In the Name of Love (Railroad Dub)

Pat and Mick – Let’s All Chant (Something For the Kids Mix)

Earth, Wind and Fire – Thinking of You (House Mix)

Eleanor – Surrender (Extended Mix)

The Cover Girls – If You Want My Love (LJ’s Dub)

Plus One Featuring Sirron – It’s Happenin’

The Bee Gees – Paying the Price of Love (Dub)

Last Tango – City Lights

Percy X – -3 Magnetic Mix

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