#7 – DWTS – Jan. 29, 2015

Steve Reich – Come Out and Show Them
David Sylvian – Upon This Earth
Wally Badarou – Ayers Rock <span class=”text_exposed_show”>
Bryan Ferry – Nocturne
Tangerine Dream – Bent Cold Sidewalk
Van Halen – Saturday Afternoon in the Park
Jokers of the Scene – This is Newsbeat
Peter Bauman – Meridian Moorland
???? – ????
Unknown – Family Court Experiences of a 16-year-old
Cabaret Voltaire – 24-24
Extra Ts – E.T. Boogie (Instrumental)
Pete Shelley – Witness the Change
Rinder and Lewis – Lust
Peru – Africa
Trilogy – Not Love
Kraftwerk – Techno Pop
???? – ????
Jex Opolis – On the Cliffs
Willie Colon – Set Fire to Me (Dub)
Sundiata O.M. – Make It Happen (The Gallery Dub)
Wolf Müller – Balztanz
King Sunny Ade – Synchro System
Wally Badarou – Hi Life
Foday Musa Suso – Natural Dancer
The Rapper &amp; The Rebel – Luck (House Mix)

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