Bar Part Time

Karen Smith – Stranger
Byron Sha Sha – Kitchen Reggae
Fabrique – Tell Me Why
Shriekback – Nite Town
Cube – Somebody Told Me
Chantal Condor – Marinero
Trillion – Step By Step (Instrumental)
Midnight Gang – Hollywood City
Needle in the Groove – Full Moon Passion (12-inch mix)
SSQ – Big Electronic Beat (Extended)
Tony Barron – Honey to a Be
Caldwell Plus – Chill Pill
First Flight – Daybreak
Loren Taylor and Question – Prisoner (Instrumental)
Denroy Morgan – Cool Runnings (Dub)
Jam Jam – Don’t Look Any Further
Personal Funktion – Just A Little Bit
Jex Opolis – Fifth Wind
The Reels – Cry
Telex – More Than Distance

5 thoughts on “Bar Part Time

  1. what a great mix ! again … thanks a lot ! I really like “Loren Taylor and Question – Prisoner (Instrumental)” but I can’t find anything about the artist online nor about this track or associated disc. By any chance do you have a bit more information to share ? 🙏

      1. Thanks for answering ! No problem. I’ll keep on getting back here to listen to that killer track then 😉

  2. Really loved the second half. Where did you find the the dub version of that Denroy track? I can’t find it anywhere online and it’s my favorite vibe of your mix so far.

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