#10 – DWTS – March 12, 2015

Dance With The Stranger on TRP with Lively.Ones and Kirk – March 12, 2015</h3>
Jex up first:
1. Rene and Angela – I Love You More (12-inch version)
2. Alicia Myers – I Want To Thank You <span class=”text_exposed_show”>
3. The Brothers Johnson – Smilin’ On Ya
4. Bernard Wright – Spinnin’
5. Jack J – Atmosphere
6. Stump Valley – Caruso</span>
<div class=”text_exposed_show”>
Lively Ones and then Kirk take over:
Barbara jones-you
Messenger – Africa is Burning
Uluko imo – prase jah (version)
Jane Coleman – Love got hold of me
Shina williams – agboju logun
Starlight – Picnicing
Colleen grant – latin parang
julius martins – jealous love
Adele first – dont give up
Dama Damawuzan – Misiqui
African Connection – Tiembelema
Gyedu Blay – Burkina Faso
Georges Ouedraogo – Deni
Mighty Duke – Be Yourself
Stamma Haughton – Give Love a Try
Mike Umoh – Shake Your Body
Chris Mba – Funky Situation
Hotline – Desire
Jane Coleman – Love Got Hold on Me
Ama – Bad Girl
Highlife 003
Kante Manfila – Diniya

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